In English

Welcome to a city walk in Gothenburg, where the sculptures are the main focus. This is a green and environmentally friendly way to discover Gothenburg!

Please feel invited to a guided walk together with friends, workmates or others! Your guide will be Ulla-Britt Wendel, member of the Gothenburg based network Walknet, and with several years of experience guiding groups as an art guide as well as a librarian.

Your walk will be educational and fun at the same time!

The Crevoice voice west is used to make sure that everyone in the group hears properly.

English tours can only be booked by groups. Please send a request via the contact form or make a call. All information under Kontakt.

You can choose from these tours:

From Poseidon to Venus

This is the ultimate Gothenburg tour!

Starting point: at the Poseidon statue, Gotaplatsen (Götaplatsen).
We finish by the Opera House (Göteborgsoperan), near Lilla Bommen.

This is a tour where we, apart from sculptures, also focus on houses and the history of the very center of Gothenburg. Together we will explore Avenyn, (the Avenue), without a doubt the most famous street in Gothenburg. As we walk along this street, which eventually becomes Östra (Ostra) Hamngatan, we will make stops at several interesting places – not just sculptures but also beautiful facades and other pieces of art.

The walk is 2.2 km. and takes about 1.5 h.


The secrets of the sculptures

This tour will definitely surprise you!

Starting point: by the entrance to the, Clarion Post Hotel, Drottningtorget.
We finish near the Rosenlundsbron.

During this tour we will discover what may actually hide inside a sculpture. You will for sure become acquainted with the sculptors behind the artistic works. At the same time you will get to know Gothenburg. Hear the stories about the stylites, bottles of brandy, the art of the Olympic games and much more: all this associated with the different sculptures we pass by.

The walk is 1.8 km. and takes about 1.5 h.


You can add a walking quiz with any of the tours. This will make the walk even more fun! The questions in the quiz are about all sorts of things, so you don´t need any skills about the sculptures to be able to participate.